CSSP Statement on Racial Equality

The Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP) stands against all manners of racial injustice. The recent events in the US have clearly shown that African Americans are attacked, dehumanized and even killed because of the amount of melanin in their skin.

The epidermis is a very thin outer layer of our skin. It is only 1 millimeter in thickness, but it contains one of the few things that seems to justify millennia of oppression between humans: pigmentation. Were it not for this tiny layer of our skin, we would all appear very similar. Thus, at its core, racism is bigotry against the epidermis, and yet this minute human difference was enough for many of our nation’s historical leaders to enable beliefs in racial superiority.”

Haywood Brown, Tampa Bay Times, June 4, 2020

These events are a part of a long history of racist behavior in America and beyond. The scientific enterprise is not immune to these types of actions, behaviors and ways of thinking. We do not condone, nor support anything that marginalizes the lived experiences of Blacks in the US and people of color throughout the world. Indeed, CSSP will continue to champion science that serves the greater good, and we will assist organizations and their respective leaders in developing the knowledge, skills and disposition to effectively lead in an everchanging world that will force us to confront the deleterious effects of racism and fight for science that uplifts society.

CSSP Board of Directors

David Baltensperger, Past-Chair
Malcolm Butler, Chair
John Downing
Joseph Ferrara
Mike Grusak
Lucinda Johnson
Lisa Keefe, Chair-Elect
Sharon Mosher
Haskell Pitluck
Patricia Simmons
Jennifer Tank
Nick Tew
Cindy Reed Paska, Executive Director

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