Fellows Program

An Invitation to Science Fellows, Future Science Leaders

The Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP) is offering a limited number of registration opportunities to Science Fellows, Future Science Leaders at its Leadership Workshops. The agenda for the next Virtual Workshop, scheduled from 1-4 May 2021, can be seen on our website.-

Your participation will include some of the following opportunities, as we have seen, and have heard from prior Science & Technology Fellow(s) who attended CSSP Leadership Workshops:

  • Informal mentoring and conversations across disciplines (which can lead to further discussions and possible collaborations going forward);
  • Opportunities for Fellows to have one-on-one mentorships with your discipline’s society President;
  • Participation in committee meetings on topics of great importance to STEM (i.e., ethics, publications-open data, integrity in research);
  • Meeting and interacting with high-level speakers, thought leaders and attendees;
  • Hearing presentations and engaging in discussions with experts on emerging issues and critical themes in science and science policy as part of the CSSP program.

The CSSP Board, through its support of this program, underscores its commitment to the value and importance of engaging the pipeline for future scientific society leaders. CSSP will offer registration to fellows (from any and all fellowship programs) at each of our semi-annual Leadership Development Workshops. Requirements for attendance will be:

  • Membership in a CSSP member society (this could be a Regular, Foundation, Federation or Affiliate membership);
  • Registration for the virtual event will be at a special Fellows rate of $250 and will be limited to 5 fellows at any given workshop to ensure maximum opportunities for engagement with the society presidents and speakers.


From AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow, B. Gray (PDF)
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