Oviedo High School Shares Experimental Science Yearbook

In December 2020, CSSP had the honor of hearing from an incredible group of students from Oviedo High School in Seminole County, FL. They shared the scientific research that they were submitting, and had earned awards from scientific competitions, at the local, regional, state and national levels. As we listened to this group, who we engaged as the Next generation of leaders in science we were awed by what they were accomplishing through their research. With the guidance of their teacher, Mr. William Furiosi who developed and has grown the Experimental Science, program at the high school, we were able to confirm that these students definitely had (and many still have) the drive and skills to be the next generation of leaders in science.

Mr. Furiosi shared the most current Experimental Science Yearbook (PDF), which includes details about both current and past students and the ongoing science focus and growth they are achieving. We are proud to share that yearbook with you. How fantastic would it be to have programs like this in high schools around the country? Thank you, Mr. Furiosi, and congratulations to those students who spoke to CSSP members. Here are their names and their grades at the time.  

  • Kalash Patel, Junior, Oviedo High School
  • Laboni Santra, Senior, Oviedo High School
  • Brian Scalf, Freshman, Oviedo High School
  • Grace Thompson, Sophomore, University of South Florida
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